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DARK&WILD jacket shooting - Suga

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Like you all know, my voice turns people on
Whether it be men or women my flexible tongue movements will send them to Hong Kong
—Min Yoongi (x)

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how to obtain oppa-status: a guide by jeon jungkook, the real oppa

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Jungkook whips his hair back & forth…turn up.

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holy mother of ARMS.

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you are a trickster. you are a criminal who shook my heart.
i had already wasted my heart even before it started to burn.
my one-way proposes are waste of time. 

j-hope in American hustle life preview

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when taehyung cut his own hair by accident (featuring a comforting hoseok & jungkook)

3rd kind: the sleeping beautyies

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Suga close up


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so jin got the question 'what was a memorable episode in the dorms' and revealed that he and v showered together (suga and rapmon were not pleased to hear this)